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Owner's Representative


PARLIER offers Owner’s Representation Services to oversee the Architect / Engineer and Construction Manager organizations engaged by an Owner to engineer, design, procure, construct and start-up a facility. Owner’s Representation Services assures our client’s that their interests are being met including financial, schedule and quality.

The services offered include a team of professionals with the necessary expertise and experience to provide this oversight. It includes project managers, project engineers, construction managers, construction representatives, project controls personnel (estimators, cost engineers and planners/schedulers) and procurement / contract administration personnel as well as other professionals required to complement a team for a specific project.

The makeup of the team provided by Parlier is dictated by the type of project, the scope of work and the expertise that the Owner may already have on its staff.

The Services provided to the Owners include:

Review of estimates, plans, schedules and forecasts provided by the AE/CM as to their reasonableness.
Develop and maintain the overall project schedule integrating the activities of all participants.
Develop the overall project estimate of cost.
Prepare periodic project cost reports, performance measurement reports and schedule reports.
Review changes in scope, their impact on project cost and schedule and recommend courses of action.
Oversee the actual work to assure that it is performed in accordance with terms and conditions of contracts, drawings and specifications.