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Managed Services

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Parlier provides Managed Services in Project Management, Estimating, Cost Engineering, Planning & Scheduling and Work Control. The specific benefits for these services include:

Access to the services of qualified and industry recognized personnel in these areas when and where these services are required.
Expertise in industry practices and state-of- the-art techniques to help define and implement programs for a specific project, problem areas, and/or an entire organization.
Management that ensures that the programs established are implemented and that the services are effective and efficient.
Reduced cost to the organization requiring these services due to reduced permanent personnel.
Achievement of total quality management in these functional areas due to the long term commitment of the requisite expertise to develop, implement, critique, and improve the processes necessary for effective programs.
Parlier provides Managed Services at rates that reflect the long-term commitment to our customer and partnering aspects of such a relationship.

PARLIER is highly confident in its capabilities and offers these services in a variety of contractual methods. We work together with the customer to develop formal partnering relationships in order to address a specific task or project.